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January 2010

eBook ‘In Search of Your Purple Goldfish’

January 31, 2010 what is lagniappe?

‘Let’s Give Them Something to Talk, Tweet, Blog and Post to Facebook About’ FISHERMEN WANTED:  Help me find 1,001 Purple Goldfish

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Marketing Edge Podcast – ‘How Purple Can Make You Successful’

January 30, 2010 purple goldfish project

A fun conversation about marketing lagniappe and the Purple Goldfish Project I had the opportunity to catch up with Albert Maruggi on Wednesday.  We discussed the Purple Goldfish as an episode on the Marketing Edge Podcast.  I’m a religous listener of the podcast.  If you haven’t subcribed on iTunes or your RSS feed yet, b-line […]

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LoveJingles vs. YourDailyJingle: It’s a JINGLE OFF

January 27, 2010 purple goldfish project

The King vs. Love:  Will the King Reign Supreme or Shall Love Conquer All? Today is a big day in the short history of The Purple Goldfish Project.  We’ve reached #200 in the quest to get to 1,001 examples of marketing lagniappe and we’re getting a jingle two jingles.  That’s right . . . two […]

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Prelude to the Jingle Off: Brother vs. Brother in Law

January 26, 2010 purple goldfish project

TESTES . . .TESTES . . . one, two I have to admit that I’m blessed to have a family that swims in the deep end of the talent pool.  Both my brother John and Brother in Law Micky were inspired by the Jingle Off.  Soo much so that they both decided to submit there […]

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Lexus gets inducted into the Purple Goldfish Project Hall of Fame

January 26, 2010 purple goldfish project

How do you overtake a luxury brand with the heritage of Mercedes-Benz? While preparing to launch an unknown brand with no heritage against established European brands such as BMW and Mercedes, Japanese automaker Lexus set out to build the perfect car and retail experience.  Nothing less than a ‘relentess pursuit of perfection’ was the mandate […]

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Horizon Airlines … Free Beer and Wine

January 24, 2010 purple goldfish project

It’s always 5 o’clock on Horizon Air Horizon Air (#78 on The Purple Goldfish Project submitted by Marcia Hoover) “The best one I can think of is Horizon Air – the regional affiliate for Alaska Airlines. They have always served free beer and wine to all passengers on their flights. Given today’s economy and stifling […]

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Purple Goldfish Project Top 10 List #4

January 23, 2010 Uncategorized

Please RT —> The 4th Top 10 List from #151-#200 10.  Herman Miller (#158 Submitted by John Kowalski)  “Ok. Got a good one for you. I used to work at office furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller and one of the Purple Goldfishes that they offered visitors to their GreenHouse facility was honey. Honey that was actually […]

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JIngle Off on 1/27-The Tale of the Tape

January 22, 2010 purple goldfish project

Here is how our two JINGLERS stack up Let’s see how LoveJingles and YourDailyJingle compare:

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Does a Purple Goldfish have to cost $$$?

January 21, 2010 purple goldfish project

Examples from BMW, Les Schwab Tires and The Four Seasons . . . Total Cost = $0 Here are three strong examples from the Purple Goldfish Project: #190. BMW of Darien [courtesy of Jack Sarsen] When I dropped my car off for service, I had to move 2 car seats to the loaner. Upon my […]

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Will Love Conquer All?

January 20, 2010 purple goldfish project

7 days until the Jingle Off on Wednesday, January 27th Who has the skills to win the Jingle Off? Both the King @yourdailyjingle and Love @lovejingles have some serious chops.  Tomorrow we’ll look at the Tale of the Tape for both Jinglers. FISHERMAN WANTED: HELP me catch another 810 purple goldfish for a great cause. […]

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