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April 2011

Coke vs. Pepsi: Branded Acts of Kindness

April 30, 2011 Gift Economy

The Battle of the Vending Machines Coke and Pepsi have both released videos in the last week utilizing vending machines.  This follows Coke’s release of the ‘Happiness Machine’ last year. Here are all three for your viewing pleasure: Round 1 – Coke’s entree which landed in the Purple Goldfish Project at #186 Round 2 – […]

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KLM blue houses and listening to a tweet

April 28, 2011 purple goldfish project

This little extra flies into the Purple Goldfish Project #773 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Gene Willis: “KLM gives Delft Blue Houses to customers who fly business class” Here is a little additional background on the history of the houses courtesy of Theo Kiewiet: The KLM houses are presents to travelers a […]

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The IZZY: An example of the lagniappe economy that’s hard to top

April 26, 2011 purple goldfish project

Two strong examples from Izzy’s Ice Cream: the IZZY scoop and Flavor Up Over the weekend I cited Izzy’s as an example of the lagniappe economy in a blog comment: “The best example is the case study of Izzy’s Ice Cream (an iconic ice cream store in St. Paul, Minnesota). The owner Jeff Sommers was […]

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Marketing Lagniappe: Powered by the Gift Economy

April 23, 2011 Gift Economy

Exploring the idea of surplus (added value) and status Over the last week I’ve started to peel back the onion on a concept called the gift economy and how it relates to marketing.  I have to thank fellow #usguys Kevin von Duuglass-ittu @mediasres, Lisa Thorell @lisat2 and Christopher Porter @67tallchris for spearheading the discussion.  Kevin gets extra nods […]

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Copelands gives you a little extra when your part of the Club

April 22, 2011 purple goldfish project

Join the Lagniappe Club #764 in the Project comes from down in the Bayou.  It’s the chain of restaurants called Copelands: According to their website: Copeland’s Lagniappe Club! Just like our Family of Restaurants, and all New Orleans traditions you get a little something extra when you join the Copeland’s Lagniappe Club. Join now at […]

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zipcar surprises and delights customers with lagniappe

April 20, 2011 purple goldfish project

The little extra here is in the bag #772 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Will Villota “Haven’t heard it called “lagniappe”, but ZipCar sometimes leaves gift bags in random cars. Customers reporting that they found them also receive bonus zipcar time. Hope this helps! Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra for good […]

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How to tame a bridezilla…through strong #custserv

April 18, 2011 purple goldfish project

A little hospitality and good listening at Bobette and Belle speaks volumes #779 in the Project was submitted via a tweet from James Sorensen (@expertinservice) who cited a blogpost: When a bride-to-be arrives for a one-hour cake consultation, she meets with one of the owners and gets the kind of customer service that so far has […]

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Coffee Bean & Tea gives a little extra to support the troops

April 17, 2011 purple goldfish project

A purple goldfish in honor of Patriots Day #782 in the Project submitted via e-mail by Ryan Macaulay of Epic Sports.  Ryan is running the 2011 Boston Marathon on Monday.  Here is a PG from LA in Ryan’s words: Here is my contribution: At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in LA, if you buy a […]

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This pig in a blanket flies into the Purple Goldfish Project

April 16, 2011 purple goldfish project

A strong take on a old favorite #734 in the Project was submitted by Jody Sowa of M&C Saatchi via e-mail.  Jody nominated BLT Market and their mini hot dogs.  BLT is located in the Manhattan’s Ritz Carlton next to Central Park. This quote on the BLT Market was taken from An amuse bouche […]

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This purple goldfish is in the bag

April 14, 2011 purple goldfish project

An extra with magnetic qualities #726 in the Project was taken from a tweet by Karen @itchbay: “Oh, and sewing machine was found. I sewed up this cute little fabric bag as lagniappe for one of my magnet orders:” The pretty little lagniappe fabric bag I made for one of my magnet orders. I just love […]

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