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April 2010

Fiskars gives a little signature extra to its new Fiskateers

April 27, 2010 purple goldfish project

A welcome package that includes a limited edition engraved scissor and a personal note I had a chance to meet Geno Church of Brains on Fire at the NewComm Forum in San Mateo, CA.  Geno’s presentation was entitled, ‘The WOM Confessional: Lessons Learned from Creating Brand Movements’.  Part of the presentation included a case study […]

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Top Ten List #7

April 26, 2010 purple goldfish project

Please RT —> The 7th Top 10 List from #301-#350 We’ve eclipsed the 1/3rd mark in the Purple Goldfish Project on our way to 1,001.  The Purple Goldfish Movement is starting to gain steam. It was hard to choose the 10, but here are the ones that were left standing: 10. Zappos (#349. Submitted by Anne […]

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Purple Goldfish Video Podcast #9

April 25, 2010 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #9 – The Bonnie Situation, Branded Acts of Kindness,  Social Media as an Amplifier and an Interview with Dave Carroll I’m joined by wingman Jack Campisi (a.k.a ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’) on the video podcast. Here is a rundown of the video podcast: – We look for inspiration in the Bonnie Raitt song, “Let’s Give Them […]

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The Purple Goldfish Project is becoming a movement

April 24, 2010 purple goldfish project

Here is an unbelievable video of a movement in 3 minutes: Derek Sivers does a nice job of dissecting these 3 minutes.  Click here for his perspective. The main takeaway: “It’s not about the leader in the movement, it’s about the actions of those who join in and contribute initially. They are the absolute key […]

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United Breaks Guitars . . . 10 million reasons why Customer Experience is Vital

April 23, 2010 purple goldfish project

An Interview and a Purple Goldfish from Dave Carroll of ‘Sons of Maxwell’ I’m at the NewComm Forum in San Mateo, CA. Dave Carroll was one of the keynote speakers for the conference.  In case you live under a rock, Dave is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and became a YouTube sensation less than a year […]

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How would you change marketing? What’s Your Burning Question?

April 19, 2010 purple goldfish project

A new contest challenges you and tempts you with an all expense paid trip to Cannes Jim Stengel (former P&G Global Marketing Officer) and Bob Gilbreath + team at Bridge Worldwide want to know how you would change marketing for the better.  Last week they launched a contest called, “The Burning Question”.  Here is the […]

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Purple Goldfish Video Podcast #8

April 18, 2010 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #8 – Why WOM is so powerful, the v4 principle, Rimsky Korsakoffee and the Burning Question Contest I’m joined by wingman Jack Campisi (a.k.a ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’) on the video podcast. Here is a rundown of the video podcast: – We pose the question, “Why is Word of Mouth so Powerful”. – We discuss the […]

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Chegg gives a little extra thats good for your wallet and the environment

April 17, 2010 purple goldfish project

Save $500 bucks and plant up to dozen trees a year . . . Chegg gets top grades Chegg chuggs into the Purple Goldfish Project at #235 from the folks over at Gaspedal. “College students love Chegg for their cheap textbook rentals, free shipping, and eco-friendly business philosophy.  Chegg believes that renting a book instead […]

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Trader Joe’s delivers on surprise and delight

April 16, 2010 purple goldfish project

Find the stuffed monkey or whale and earn your lagniappe Jody Padar of Matousek Consulting submits Trader Joe’s as #320 in the Purple Goldfish Project. “The stuffed whale that hides at Trader Joe’s. If you find him, your child gets a treat out of a treasure box. Then you get to rehide him. My kids […]

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Integrating lagniappe into customer experience is like a good jambalaya

April 14, 2010 5 ingredients of lagniappe

It’s a bunch of different ingredients all thrown in together . . . The chef takes a look at what’s lying around in the kitchen and throws it all into a pot. Let it stew with some spices thrown in and voila . . you have a yourself a jambalaya or marketing lagniappe. Here are […]

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