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May 2011

Purple Goldfish, Golden Goldfish and Green Goldfish

May 31, 2011 what is lagniappe?

2 constituents, 3 different types of Goldfish Lagniappe is creole for ‘a little something extra’. Marketing Lagniappe leverages the concept via differentiation through added value. For the last 18 months we’ve explored only one kind . . . the Purple Goldfish.  Inspired by New Orleans and the traditional colors of Mardi Gras (purple – symbolic […]

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Are you giving extra? Amica Insurance understands the power of lagniappe

May 26, 2011 purple goldfish project

The importance of taking care of both customers and employees #765 in the Project is taken from a post by Michael Stallard: Michael talks about Vince Burks and Amica Insurance.  In his words: On Wednesday I’ll be leading a panel at The Conference Board’s Customer Experience Management Conference. One of my panel participants is Vince […]

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Hershey Lodge gives you a little extra and a kiss

May 25, 2011 purple goldfish project

Sweet example of marketing lagniappe #776 in the Project is submitted via e-mail by Chris Brazzano Hershey Lodge and Hotel. Free Hershey candy Bars at check-in and chocolate kisses on the pillows at night. In addition, they give free tickets to Hershey Museum.Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I was […]

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Chipotle’s RAOK lunch burritos deliver surprise and delight

May 24, 2011 purple goldfish project

Leveraging a random act of kindness #799 in the Project was submitted via a blog comment by Lisa Thorell Totally sweet (carbonated) post, Stan! I like your distinction between Branded Acts of Kindness vs. Random Acts of Kindness. I have been the recipient of one of Chipotle’s RAOK lunch burritos – and it truly surprised […]

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Omni Hotel has a marketing lagniappe that’s juiced

May 23, 2011 purple goldfish project

Delivered to the room on your first stay #767 in the Project was submitted via e-mail via Josh Crum In Josh’s words: Hey, Stan! Hope you’re doing well. I saw your email come through and wanted to share an experience I had recently. You may have this one already, if not hopefully it will be […]

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In-N-Out uses simplicity, efficiency, code words and the bible to maximize #custserv

May 22, 2011 purple goldfish project

I’ll have a 2 by 4 animal style with extra toast #774 in the Project is taken from a post by @markosul and his blog ‘the Pan-Americans’ In-N-Out Burger has always been part of my SoCal consumerist story. I’m not a big red meat guy, but I love their simplicity and the way they use […]

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Mitchells and Wufoo hug their customers with handwritten notes

May 21, 2011 purple goldfish project

The power of the pen… and some stickers #770 in Project comes courtesy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book, Thank You Economy. Gary talks about Wufoo, the online HTML form developer sends handwritten thank you notes, sometimes crafted out of construction paper and decorated with stickers: #805. Taken from a tweet by Annette Franz @annettefranz Annette […]

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QR codes utilized by Taranta as a marketing lagniappe

May 15, 2011 purple goldfish project

Technology + Squid Ink = Purple Goldfish #808 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Andrew Sweet.  Andrew and I caught up at an advisory board meeting at Marist College.  He mentioned an interesting use of QR Codes from Taranta and Chef Jose Duarte. Andrew talked about a segment he watched on Channel 5 […]

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Purple Goldfish Strategy: Is Differentiation the key to GROWTH?

May 14, 2011 purple goldfish project

There are 5 factors that influence your growth… which one can you control? OK – I’ll be the first to admit it.  I am oddly preoccupied with goldfish.  How is that the average common goldfish is 4 to 5 inches, yet the largest in the world can be almost 5 times that size? 5 Times […]

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L.L. Bean wins the #marchto800 in the Purple Goldfish Project

May 12, 2011 purple goldfish project

Recency and the power of a guarantee One of the foundations of marketing lagniappe is the idea of leveraging recency.  They say (whoever they are) that people tend to remember the first thing and the last thing they see.  A ton of attention is paid to the importance of a first impression (primacy), but little […]

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