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May 2010

Purple Goldfish Video Podcast 14 – What is a schema?

May 31, 2010 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #14 – Disrupting schemas to get people talking and a case study on Bigelow Tea I’m joined by wingman Jack Campisi (a.k.a ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’) on the video podcast. Here is a rundown of the video podcast: – What is a schema? – We talk about the concept that has been explored by Steve Knox […]

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Are you creating CONsumers or PROsumers?

May 30, 2010 purple goldfish project

What are your customers talking about after leaving your business, logging off your website or hanging up the phone? I have to thank Ted Coine (@tedcoine) for inspiring this post.  Earlier this week I retweeted Ted: John Ernsberger (johnestella) of Stella Service stated that roughly 6 out of every 7 tweets he sees involving customer […]

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Customer Experience is the Ultimate Differentiator

May 27, 2010 what is lagniappe?

An Interview with Francois Gossieaux of Beeline Labs I had the opportunity to catch up with Francois last month at the NewComm Forum in San Mateo, CA.  I interviewed Francois for a video segment called MENG: 5 questions with an Expert.   At the end of our discussion I asked about a recent post he […]

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Value is the new black across the pond

May 26, 2010 value is the new black

85% of survey respondents who had a bad experience with a company also told their friends and colleagues about it Here are some highlights from a survey by Convergys: The late ’90s mantra of “Show me the money” has morphed into “Show me the value,” reflecting a new focus by consumers hungry for value in […]

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Oops – Everyone screws up … its how you handle it that makes the difference

May 25, 2010 purple goldfish project

A $1.6 million dollar whoops from I came across a post on Inside Zappos via a tweet by ‘The Experience Factor’ @jenkuhnpr.  This ‘oops’ makes the Purple Goldfish Project at #407 “Hey everyone – As many of you may know (and I’m sure a lot of you do not), is our sister site. […]

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I am a marketing revolutionist . . . vive le revolucion

May 25, 2010 purple goldfish project

NEWSFLASH:  The Purple Goldfish Project is one of the winners of ‘The Burning Question’ What question will spark a revolution? Asking the right question can take us places we never thought possible. It can uncover truths. It can change an industry. So, what question aren’t we asking ourselves as marketers? I’m heading to Cannes with Jim […]

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Purple Goldfish Video Podcast Episode 13 ‘Paid vs. Free’

May 23, 2010 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #13 – Paid vs. Free and an Interview with Kelly Ketelboeter of The Experience Factor I’m joined by wingman Jack Campisi(a.k.a ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’) on the video podcast. Here is a rundown of the video podcast: – We debate whether or not a purple goldfish always has to cost $$$. – We look at examples […]

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Top 10 List #8 (351-400)

May 22, 2010 purple goldfish project

Please RT —> The 8th Top 10 List from #351-#400 We’ve ventured into Ted Williams territory (last man to bat .400) in the Purple Goldfish Project on our way to 1,001.  The Purple Goldfish Movement continues to gain momentum. It was hard to choose the 10, but here are the ones that were left standing: 10. Zappos […]

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Timbuk2 has a guarantee that extends from here to . . .

May 20, 2010 purple goldfish project

Straight from the Mission in SFO . . . a company that understands and harnesses (no pun intended) customer experience Submitted by Gina Mieczkowski of Charming Sundries.  Timbuk2 literally straps on to the Purple Goldfish Project at #392: My Timbuk2 Purple Goldfish experience “Because I believe in the power of all things Social Media, I had […]

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Zappos steps into the Purple Goldfish Project for the umpteenth time

May 18, 2010 purple goldfish project

A little extra courtesy of making a recommendation that’s good for your customer and against competitive instinct #397 in the Purple Goldfish Project courtesy of Joe Gascoigne, Co-Founder of OnePage Zappos “As for an example, one that springs to mind is that if you try to order shoes from Zappos and they do not have […]

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