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June 2011

Social Media is not the answer

June 30, 2011 what is lagniappe?

Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse OK… maybe the title of this post is pejorative on Social Media Day. I’ll admit Social Media is part of the answer, but let’s look at some basic facts to consider: 90% of word of mouth is offline You have no control what people say about you, you […]

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JanSport zips its way into the Purple Goldfish Project

June 27, 2011 purple goldfish project

Replace or repair, stand behind your product and have fun in the process Today JanSport returned to the Project at #835 from a tweet by @markosul: Just received a notice from JanSport “thanking us” for returning a “vintage” backpack; they are sending us a new 1 free It’s more than a bag.  It’s a JanSport. A […]

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Scan this… Hangers Cleaners delivers on customer experience

June 26, 2011 purple goldfish project

How service, technology and humor can move the bottom line #830 and #831 in the Project is taken from a Cool Runnings video by Sprint Hangers Cleaners of Kansas City Free pickup + delivery, convenience, consistency, eco-friendly with liquid CO2 and a genius use of bar codes. Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra for good […]

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Foursquare check-in, pay with AMEX and get a little extra

June 23, 2011 purple goldfish project

We don’t need no stinkin’ badges . . . Cardmembers get lagniappe #834. Taken from an article in “Foursquare, has scored another win–this time with a nationwide deal with American Express. The deal will offer American Express cardholders discounts in some shops and restaurants, Jenna Wortham of the New York Times reports. Amex and […]

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It is the small things that make the difference at Southwest

June 22, 2011 purple goldfish project

Free Peanuts and 40 years of LUV from Southwest In the sport of tennis, love means nothing… But when it comes to air travel for Southwest, LUV means everything. The carrier celebrates its 40th anniversary this week.  LUV is not only the mantra, its the NYSE ticker symbol for the airline.  Check out this vintage […]

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Social Media wake-up call… People talk to people, not brands

June 20, 2011 Gift Economy

A lesson in being personable #818 in the Project was recommended via Josepf Haslam @josepf via a tweet: It comes from a post by Thomas Marzano @thomasmarzano: It wasn’t until my last trip to Palo Alto, where I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, that I had a firsthand experience with customer engagement through social […]

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Disney understands little things like language make a difference

June 19, 2011 purple goldfish project

Manage Customer Experience through Small Details #702 in the Project was taken from a post by Shep Hyken. In Shep’s words: “It was just a small thing that most people wouldn’t notice, but it was a detail worth noting in the quest for outstanding service. I’ll try and paint you a verbal picture of the […]

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The Taco Truck gives a little extra that’s true to its ROOTS

June 15, 2011 purple goldfish project

Tacos for Trees demonstrates commitment to sustainability #824 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Chris Viola: In the words of Chris: “The Taco Truck is a fast-casual authentic Mexican restaurant concept. Sustainability has been a core aspect of the concept since day one. A few examples include composting all food waste and packaging, […]

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Purple Goldfish Video Podcast Episode #38 – Izzy’s

June 12, 2011 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #38 – With a little extra on top for good measure Jack and I sit down to discuss: review the differences between a market economy and a gift economy talk about a hybrid called the ‘lagniappe economy’ offer an example from Izzy’s Ice Cream from St. Paul, MN explore the IZZY scoop look at […]

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Crystal Peak Lodge premieres with a private movie theater

June 6, 2011 purple goldfish project

This one has a little extra POP #785 in the Project is taken from a blogpost by  Steve Curtin @enthused The lodge offers private movie theaters for guests and I had reserved one for my family to watch the new Narnia movie. Each theatre has access to a kitchen containing a microwave to prepare popcorn […]

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