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July 2010

Purple Goldfish Project Top 10 List #10 (451-500)

July 31, 2010 purple goldfish project

Please RT —> The 10th Top 10 List from #451-#500 The Purple Goldfish Movement continues to race forward.  We’ve just recently eclipsed the halfway mark on the search for 1,001 examples of marketing lagniappe. This group of fifty is strong like new rope, here are the ones that made the grade: 10. Hotel Mela (#470 submitted […]

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FREE Beer: Zea Rotisserie & Grill knows the way to Dad’s heart

July 31, 2010 purple goldfish project

#478 in the Purple Goldfish Project is taken from a tweet from @KATCTV3 Zea Rotisserie & Grill This Father’s Day, treat dad to a little bit of lagniappe with Zea Rotisserie & Grill’s Fourth Annual Free Beer for Dad celebration on Sunday, June 20, 2010. The Free Beer for Dad lagniappe awards all fathers a […]

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Are you delivering JOY with your purple goldfish?

July 29, 2010 purple goldfish project

What’s Your Special Day? #492 in the Purple Goldfish Project comes from Dan Merchant and his blog ‘The Resourceful Traveler’: Joie de Vivre Hotels “While making my reservation, the representative asked if I was a member of the “Joy of Life Club.” I wasn’t, so I naturally I asked for more information. When the email confirmation […]

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A handwritten note from Advocate Lutheran speaks volumes

July 28, 2010 purple goldfish project

Sometimes it’s not what you say . . . but how you say it I was just reading a strong post on Christopher S. Penn’s ‘Awaken Your Superhero’.  Penn talks up 5 old sales techniques.  #1 on his list is the practice of writing handwritten ‘thank you’ notes: 1. Thank you cards. This is something […]

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Sampling is the lowest hanging fruit in marketing lagniappe

July 27, 2010 purple goldfish project

#505 in the Purple Goldfish Project was submitted by Frances Lewis It has a fragrant bouquet: Sephora “Thanks so much for the MENG webinar. Laughed out loud — I had “3 or more” moments in last week — stayed at a Doubletree (though had great experience with housekeeping as well as cookie) and ate at […]

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Purple Goldfish Video Podcast Episode 21 – Full Retail

July 25, 2010 purple goldfish video podcast

Episode #21 – Category Spotlight: Retail We’re back to our regular scheduled programming.  Jack and I continue to look at different industries.  Today we focus on the wonderful world of retail.  How do retailers ‘stand out in the sea of sameness’? Here is a rundown of the examples we discuss: – Proof positive: Toyzam and […]

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Lady Gaga knows the little extras are important for the little monsters

July 24, 2010 purple goldfish project

It’s ‘all about’ the fans of your brand #503 in the Purple Goldfish Project was taken from a tweet by Tim Baran (@uMCLE) Lady Gaga Here is an excerpt by TJ from Neon Limelight: “Say what you will about Lady Gaga . . . her persona is over the top ; her music videos are […]

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Dubai gets the gold standard in the Purple Goldfish Project

July 22, 2010 purple goldfish project

The Emirates Palace boasts a little extra that has the Midas Touch #516 in the Purple Goldfish Project is taken from a post by Miles Bennett on the blog ‘Baller Status’. Here is an excerpt: Gold to Go “Talk about stuntin’ … what if you could hit the ATM for gold bars? In Dubai, you […]

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Zappos delivers on surprise and delight …quickly

July 20, 2010 purple goldfish project

Just don’t exceed expectations . . . obliterate them Zappos grabs the #493 spot in the Purple Goldfish Project. This example was taken from Peter Osborne’s blog ‘Bulldog Simplicity’: “My son lost one of his dress shoes at school the other day. Don’t ask. I don’t know how you lose one shoe. So last night […]

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The PGA Tour tees up a Purple Goldfish

July 19, 2010 purple goldfish project

#483 in the Purple Goldfish Project cards an ACE The PGA Tour is nominated to the project by Barbara Karasek. “In tough economic times, free is the most fantastic four letter f-word ever. To meet the rise in demand for affordable sporting events, we created new ticket policies to allow free, trackable tickets to be […]

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