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December 2011

Summit Bicycles tunes up customer experience to pump up loyalty and drive differentiation

December 30, 2011 Added Service

This CX by Summit Keeps Customers Coming Back #999 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink: Summit Bicycles “I just visited Summit bicycles in Burlingame and chatted with “Chris” who has been there many years now. Chris is a good story all by himself. He started as a bicycle […]

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The Hilton Orlando makes a service recovery by proactively giving a ‘little something extra’

December 29, 2011 Added Service

Pouring into the Project by Handling a Mistake We’re three examples away from the goal of 1,001 example of marketing lagniappe. #998 in the Project was submitted by Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink: In Bob’s words: Stan, here’s the story I tell people when I speak about the importance of “memorable” experiences. I travel a […]

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Izzy’s uses RFID to Flavor Up and Improve Customer Experience

December 27, 2011 Convenience

Technology as a marketing and CX game changer #995 scoops into the Project from a post by Matrix Product Development: “Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe of St. Paul serves over 150 flavors of handmade ice cream and always keeps 32 flavors in the case on any given day. I talked with Jeff Sommers today and he […]

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American Girl makes shopping childs play

December 26, 2011 Added Service

The experience was painless and convenient #112 in the Project comes courtesy of an e-mail by Darran Miner: “A purple goldfish for you – The American Girl store in NYC – outstanding customer service. I went there a couple of years ago with a list of items my wife provided. Having never been to the […]

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Have a Blue Christmas . . . with a Purple Goldfish from DIAGEO & Johnnie Walker

December 25, 2011 Added Service

Move over Elvis, this is a signature extra #990 in the Purple Goldfish Project comes courtesy of the  folks at Johnnie Walker: Johnnie Walker provides Complimentary Bottle Engraving at selected locations. I came across the engraving kiosk at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. If there’s not one within your driving radius, you can order […]

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Rebecca Minkoff packs a little unexpected extra in her bags

December 23, 2011 in the bag / out of the box

Having fun with a thoughtful extra #988 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Vanessa Khedouri: “Rebecca Minkoff bags all have an extra business card in them – it has a guy’s picture and on the back there is a ‘handwritten’ note that says ‘call me,’ signed by ‘Vincent’ with a phone #. When […]

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State Farm satisfies a claim and then goes above and beyond with an unexpected extra

December 17, 2011 Follow up / Thank You’s

Attention to detail puts this insurance company in a different state #977 in the Purple Goldfish Project comes from a post by Ellie Becker at E.R. Becker Company: In Ellie’s words: “This morning I had breakfast with my friend and marketing colleague Stan Phelps, Chief Solutions Officer at Synergy Events. Stan and I were talking about The […]

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Fairwinds Credit Union does the little extras

December 15, 2011 Convenience

Going the extra mile by providing exceptional service #944-948 in the Project were submitted via a comment by Jordan Belcher @kjbelcher: Let’s look at this handful of Purple Goldfish: *All drive-thru customers with children get a lollipop. Pretty standard bank-fare. But here’s the kicker: all drive-thru customers with a dogs get puppy treats. The pups […]

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Splash puts the fun into your car wash

December 8, 2011 purple goldfish project

Machine Gun Foam Sprayers make a Splash #67 in the Project was submitted by Ted Hillenmeyer: “Splash car wash has two soap guns (kind of look like machine guns) installed in the side wall so as cars go by on the production line kids can shoot an endless stream of sudsy soap at their car.” […]

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Firebox deliver sweets with every order

December 7, 2011 in the bag / out of the box

Be playful with your little extra #70 in the Purple Goldfish Project was submitted by Ross Shaw: “Hi Stan – in the UK (I worked for them while living in London) put a small bag of retro sweets (lollies here in Oz, not sure what you call them in the US) in with each […]

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