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December 2009

The Year of the Purple Goldfish

December 31, 2009 purple goldfish project

Is 2010 the Year of the Purple Goldfish? I think I might need to double check the Chinese calendar and see it that’s right. Confucius say, “Give that little extra ‘marketing lagniappe’ and flourish in 2010″ Though you can’t always rely on what Confucius says.  Someone once told me he said the following: “Man who […]

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Let’s give them something to talk, blog and tweet about . . .

December 30, 2009 word of mouth/mouse

Marketing Lagniappe is the Original Social Media Stimulant I was reading a post this week from Rick Liebling over at EYECUBE. Rick made an interesting observations about how brands want to utilize social media with the following agenda: “Let’s get people talking about our brand” He pointed out the fact that little thought is given […]

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Flipping Traditional Marketing

December 30, 2009 what is lagniappe?

Using Pareto’s Law and Flip Traditional Marketing Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was an Italian economist that made a famous observation in 1906.  He stated: “20% of the population in Italy owns 80% of the property”. The rule was popularized in the early 1940’s by Joseph Juran and is now commonly referred to as the 80/20 […]

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The Baker’s Dozen is not Lagniappe

December 28, 2009 what is lagniappe?

Lagniappe is much more than the baker’s dozen In order to understand a baker’s dozen, we need to go back to its origin: It dates back to the 13th century during the reign of Henry III, a.k.a ‘Henry the Turd’.  During this time there was a perceived need for regulations controlling quality, pricing and checking […]

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Pepperidge Farm makes a Purple Goldfish

December 27, 2009 purple goldfish project

The Power of an Unexpected Discount I was at the Pepperidge Farm Factory store yesterday picking up some things. There was a senior citizen standing in front of me in line buying a few items. Her total bill was $9.96. The clerk informed her that all purchases over ten dollars received a 20% discount and […]

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5 main ingredients of lagniappe

December 26, 2009 5 ingredients of lagniappe

How do you integrate the concept of ‘lagniappe’ into your product, service or life? Here are the five main ingredients or if you are acronym fan (like I am), the R.U.L.E.S : Relevant – the item or benefit should be of value to the recipient.  Make sure that the item or service is a true […]

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YouTube video for ‘Marketing Lagniappe’ and ‘The Purple Goldfish Project’

December 22, 2009 purple goldfish project

CLICK IMAGE TO PLAY I’ve just uploaded a 4 minute video to highlight the concept of marketing lagniappe and promote ‘The Purple Goldfish Project’. We’re currently at 126 examples as we work towards the lofty goal of 1,001 purple goldfish.   Here is the list for the first 115: Which brands have made the cut? […]

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Five Guys Burger and Fries

December 17, 2009 purple goldfish project

Five Guys Burgers and Fries gets inducted into the The Purple Goldfish Project Hall of Fame: Five Guys Burgers and Fries is one of my favorite examples of ‘marketing lagniappe’.  They are #94 in the Purple Goldfish Project.  Here are the 2 main reasons ‘Five Guys’ gets inducted into the Purple Goldfish Project Hall of […]

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Sleeping with the Fishes . . They call it ‘Guppy Love’

December 14, 2009 purple goldfish project

Kimpton Hotels has a signature (Purple) Goldfish that’s well. . . a fish and a keeper Introduced at all Hotel Monacos back in 2001, Guppy Love has become a signature element that has gained the chain national attention.  The hotel offers guests the ability to adopt a temporary travel companion. “The ‘Guppy Love’ program is […]

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Google offers a little holiday lagniappe

December 13, 2009 purple goldfish project

I was flying to Houston last Thursday via Memphis.  I always cringe when I need to make a tight connecting flight.  One runway at LaGuardia and strong headwinds delayed our arrival by exactly one hour. Quick Translation: a 5+ hour delay in the Memphis airport. Then I remembered the Google holiday airport promotion.  Google is […]

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