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Sunday, February 21, 2010

How most people get laid and the reason why customer experience is vital?

February 21, 2010 v4 principle

The common denominator between the two is that they’re fueled by the v4 principle
First – how do most people in this world get . . . busy?  This explanation is from a guy named Rob back in 2000:

Think about your entire history of relationships… Every person you dated long term, short term, prison term, and […]

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Pizza Shuttle Delivers on Customer Experience

February 21, 2010 purple goldfish project

25 years and a handful of Purple Goldfish . . . plus a real Purple Cow
The ‘Make it Great’ Guy Phil Gerbyshak (@philgerb) shares a gem from Milwaukee.  He nominates Pizza Shuttle as #221 in the Purple Goldfish Project:

“I was just thinking about one of my favorite Milwaukee Purple Goldfish, Pizza Shuttle. From the original Andy […]

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