A little extra tea from Bigelow

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

Purple Goldfish #378 – Bigelow Tea

Submitted by Jack Campisi, aka ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’

“I found a Purple Goldfish in a box of tea today. I opened a new box of Bigelow Vaniila Chai Tea and I was surprised to see a different colored label on the tea bag I pulled out. I wondered if I had bought the wrong flavor, but it turns out it was a bonus bag of their “Constant Comment” orange spiced chai tea.

It was a nice surprise and a great chance for me to sample another variety of their tea without having to buy an entire box of a flavor I may or may not like. And the good news is that I liked it.

This is a great example of lagniappe because it surprised and delighted me and it was very relevant. If they had not done that, I probably never would have tried that kind of tea… but now I just might go get a box. So mission accomplished Bigelow; you made a customer happy, turned me on to another one of your products and you are generating word of mouth buzz. That’s a Purple Goldfish.”

In Search of Your PURPLE GOLDFISH.  ‘Give your customers something to talk, tweet, blog and post to Facebook about’

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