Apocalypse Charlie: The Horror, The Horror

by Stan Phelps

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#Winning or simply the Horror?

apocalypse charlie

I had a chance to watch Charlie Sheen on Saturday night.  Charlie did a one hour show on USTREAM.  Over 115,000 streamed Sheen’s Korner, an interesting take by Charlie and his posse to create a talk show.  Mildly amusing stuff in parts, but certainly not ‘must see’ TV on the whole.  Charlie himself seemed to backpeddle the next day, calling the effort ‘treasoness’ to the #winning movement.

One thing caught my eye during the livestream.  Charlie showed a small portable video player.  He mentioned this player continuously looped, “Apocalypse Now”.  Charlie is fascinated with the 1979 film starring his Dad.  He’s even hinted that his upcoming book will be called, Apocalypse Me.

It’s an apt title, an homage for a film that was based on Joseph Conrad’s, Heart of Darkness.  Apocalypse Now was an adaptation that took place in Vietnam.  It looks like Apocalypse Me is taking place in LA. Charlie Sheen fancies himself the Kurtz character (Brando).  He has went off the reservation.  Instead of Cambodia, Charlie has holed up in Mulholland Estates in the farthest reaches of a cul-de-sac.

We can only hope that the last chapter of Charlie’s tale doesn’t mirror the fate of Kurtz.  Near death Kurtz seems to experience a moment of clarity and speaks his last words: “The horror! The horror!”

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Here is Brando echoing those famous last words:

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