Are you creating CONsumers or PROsumers?

by Stan Phelps on May 30, 2010

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What are your customers talking about after leaving your business, logging off your website or hanging up the phone?

I have to thank Ted Coine (@tedcoine) for inspiring this post.  Earlier this week I retweeted Ted:


John Ernsberger (johnestella) of Stella Service stated that roughly 6 out of every 7 tweets he sees involving customer service are negative.  I’m not sure of the sample size on his assessment as they (whoever they are) say that 68% of statistics are made up on the spot.  Whether its 70, 80 or 90% I think its a generally accepted fact that the overwhelming majority of tweets involving customer service are negative.  This led me to the following question:

Based on their experience . . . Is Your Customer a CONsumer or a PROsumer?

I wrote a post late last year about Bonnie Raitt and her most famous tune, “Let’s Give’em Something to Talk About”.  The post looked at the strategy behind customer experience.  Specifically:

  • Who do we want talking?
  • What do we want them saying?
  • How can we add value?

Here is my take on how ‘marketing lagniappe’ addresses those issues:

  • The best marketing is 1st person word of mouth, i.e. your customers
  • Control the things you can control . . . how you treat your existing customers
  • Deliver value with your product or service and exceed customer expectations
  • Provide that ‘little signature something extra’ . . . a purple goldfish

Using a little artistic license (apologies Bonnie) on the song lyrics:

Let’s give them something to talk about
A little purple goldfish as they wonder out
Let’s give them something to talk, tweet, blog and Facebook about . . .

So – what are you doing to inspire positive word of mouth and mouse? Interested to hear your thoughts.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Thanks again Ted for inspiring this post.  If you are not following Ted on Twitter (@tedcoine) or his blog ‘Five Star Customer Service’ you are missing out.

ted coine

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1 Ted Coine May 31, 2010 at 3:53 am

Stan, you are so right. Every time we interact with a customer, one of three things will happen: They’ll leave with 1. A positive impression; 2. No real impression at all; or 3. A negative one. Given that it’s simply human nature for us to “dish” about negative experiences far more than positive, can we really afford to EVER let them leave us with a neutral or (God forbid) negative impression? Especially in this new age of Social Media, my strong advice is to send ‘em home with a purple goldfish every time!
Ted Coine´s last blog ..Who Does It Serve?

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