Body Evolution Massage & Wellness Center goes above and beyond

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Here’s the Rub: Invest in Your Customers and Watch Your Business Grow

#343 in the Project was submitted by Jake Hillman

body evolution and massage center“My wife, Sabina, owns Body Evolution Massage and Wellness Center. As a massage thereapist, her basic job is to help people relax and feel better. What most people do not expect is her knack for the unexpected: coming in on Sunday’s to accomodate a client’s schedule; sending home remedies to support healing, often at her expense; calling the next day to follow-up and find out how someone is feeling. Her clientele has grown not from common marketing, but from uncommon service, care and connection.”

Marketing Lagniappe Takeaway: I like the phrase ‘uncommon marketing’. This type of personal touch beyond the transaction is an investment in your business.  It shows you care and spurs customer loyalty.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – Peter Greenberg reveals 3 hotels where wellness is part of the menu:

Lagniappe defined: A marketing lagniappe, i.e. purple goldfish,  is any time a business goes above and beyond to provide a ‘little something extra’. It’s that unexpected surprise that’s thrown in for good measure.

How do you stand out in the sea of sameness? How do you win repeat customers and influence word of mouth?  Are you Giving Little Unexpected Extras?

What’s Your GLUE?

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