Cartridge World sucks in a couple of good ways for customers

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Complimentary toner vacuuming and tootsie pops are the little extras

Develop a service that’s convenient, good for the environment and saves you money.  Then deliver it with a couple purple goldfish. That’s the order of the day for the folks at Cartridge World.

Here is #249 in the Purple Goldfish Project submitted by EJ Kritz:

Cartridge World

cartridge world

“To begin, we’re in the business of refilling and remanufacturing printer cartridges. We offer a free delivery service to our business customers during which time plenty of things can happen opening the door for added value.

For example, if we’re delivering a cartridge for a laser printer but the businesses fax machine is on the fritz, it’s only natural and fitting that we’ll do anything we can to help get their fax back up and running. Similarly, many of our franchises keep a “toner vac” in their delivery vehicle. This vacuum is specially designed to handle the fine particles in toner. It’s a HUGE benefit to our customers (as silly and small as it sounds) to bring in the toner vac for a complimentary cleaning of their laser printer before we put in their new cartridge. This service is the printer equivalent of getting a free car wash each time you get a tank of gas… it doesn’t help your car run better but it sure does make you feel good.

The last example is something almost universal regardless of which Cartridge World franchise you visit. It’s quite simple actually. Each and every business delivery comes complete with a Tootsie Pop.  You see, purchasing our product is all about saving money. However, typically the person saving the money (the business owner) is not the same person taking the delivery (the office manager). This little token makes everyone smile in the middle of a busy day! In fact, many of our owners could even tell you the favorite flavor of pop for each of their top customers. Simple, and yes, sweet.”

Today’s Lagniappe Here is a funny spot that reinforces the free pick-up and delivery service.  I wish I could go back to the magical days of playing ‘pirates’.

FISHERMEN WANTED: Click here to send me your example. HELP me catch another 734 purple goldfish for a great cause.

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