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by Stan Phelps

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Lightspan Digital’s Fortune Cookie

#311. Submitted to the Purple Goldfish Project by Mana Ionescu

twikie lightspan digital

“Hi! I love your purple goldfish project and I’d like to share with you my purple goldfish.

I recently started a small social media and email marketing business in Chicago, Lightspan Digital. I work with small businesses to get them started with social media, or to help them find that big idea that will take their digital marketing to the next level. Most of my clients aren’t technical at all, may be a bit skeptical about Social Media and are looking for very clear, simple and direct guidance. To help them I developed the Daily Twitter Workout and the Twikies(r), which I give out for free.

The Daily Twitter Workout is a simple checklist of five daily activities, such as retweet two tweets, chat with two new tweeps, always say thank you, etc., to help any beginner get into a Twitter routine.

But my most successful purple gold fish is the Twitter cookie, aka the Twikies(r). These are custom-made chocolate-dipped fortune cookies that contain marketing messages. They are fun to look at, tasty, and informative, plus they get people excited to discuss and know more about their marketing tips. People absolutely love them.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

RT @liraluis: A Take-Away Message fr #ChiTwestival came inside a fortune cookie fr @manamica “Email #marketing still drives the highest ROI”
Mar 26 2010, 16:00 UTC from HootSuite

RT @refrigeration: Thanks for fortune cookie! “The word you in tweets gets most retweets!” @manamica
Mar 26 2010, 13:00 UTC from HootSuite

RT @el_chorizo: @manamica Looks like it’s already been said but awesome job with the fortune cookies! You’re a rock star in my book :)
Mar 26 2010, 3:25 UTC from TweetDeck, in reply to manamica

RT @liraluis: Love your custom designed fortune cookie @manamica! Fantastic colors #ChiTwestival
Mar 26 2010, 2:40 UTC from HootSuite

I am really looking forward to reading your book, regardless of whether my purple goldfish makes it in or not ;P.

The best of luck to you! :)



Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra for good measure)A fun piece on the Fortune Cookie from the folks at the Travel Channel. Great piece of trivia about origin of the fortune cookie.  Who knew it was an American invention!

Where is the lagniappe in your marketing?  What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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