Does a Purple Goldfish have to cost $$$?

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Examples from BMW, Les Schwab Tires and The Four Seasons . . . Total Cost = $0

Here are three strong examples from the Purple Goldfish Project:

#190. BMW of Darien [courtesy of Jack Sarsen]

When I dropped my car off for service, I had to move 2 car seats to the loaner. Upon my return, a service guy, obviously recognizing the number on the car, walks out to the loaner as soon as I parked and told me to hold tight. Within a minute my car pulled up and two service guys helped me make the car seat switch with my small children in tow. Another walked out and handed me my paperwork and said ‘Thank you, have a nice day’.

#17. Les Schwab Tires [From Cody Goldberg]

The service people jog to your car when you pull in to the service center.

#192. Four Seasons Hotel [From Stephanie Hadden]

When you check in, the front desk attendant will walk around to the front of the counter and hand you your key while using your name and anticipating your every need. This customer service costs them nothing extra but makes you feel like a million bucks.

Marketing Takeaway: You don’t have to tap into $$$ to go that little extra.  Being quick, responsive and alert with your customer service can make all the difference with your customers.

FISHERMAN WANTED: HELP me catch another 810 purple goldfish for a great cause.  Click here to send me your example.

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