Dropping a deuce . . . two bathrooms worth talking about

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Rimsky Korsakoffee in PDX and Bar 89 in NYC have bathrooms that are Word of Mouth mavens

There are two restaurants with unique bathrooms that have been cited in the Purple Goldfish Project:

#230. Bar 89 in Soho, NYC

Bathrooms worth talking about . . .

Taken from nymag.com:

In case you haven’t heard: As palatial as Grecian bathhouses, Bar 89’s unisex stalls have glass doors that are transparent until you lock them, an action that magically renders them opaque. But cool as they are, the potties can’t entirely explain this place’s popularity. The chocolate martinis are delicious, and the bar snacks irresistible enough. But we suspect that the real secret of Bar 89’s success has something to do with—dare we say?—democracy. Call it SoHo lite: The stark, glass-and-aluminum loft aesthetic feels chic enough, but it’s familiar (you’ve seen it in dozens of movies) and accessible to anyone able and willing to pay $10 to $15 for a drink. Or maybe it really is just the bathrooms.

Bar 89

#229. Rimsky-Korsakoffee House in Portland, OR

Haunted tables and freaky bathroom at this coffee house with no sign.

Taken from a comment on Yelp:

A very cute and quirky little spot to chill with friends and relax. Warning if you don’t have a sense of humor then don’t even try to use the restroom there. As I was going up the stairs, a woman ran out of the bathroom telling me that she would hold it because she couldn’t stand the thought of being in there with…………. well I won’t ruin it in case you haven’t been there yet.  Hahahaha it is a little freaky but it just adds on to this cute establishment.

Rimsky Korsakoffee

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – How does Bar 89’s glass work?  It’s called smart glass. Check out this article for the backstory.  You’ll get a charge out of the answer.

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