Introducing Marketing Lagniappe: The Purple Goldfish Video Podcast

by Stan Phelps

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Episode #1 – The Origin of Lagniappe, a Roadtrip to ‘Five Guys’ and a Jingle

I’m joined by wingman Jack Campisi (a.k.a ‘Social Jack’ or ‘Maverick’) on the podcast.

Here is a rundown of the video podcast:

– We discuss the origin of ‘lagniappe’ and how it applies to marketing

– We talk about the concept of a ‘buy back’ and the ‘baker’s dozen’

– We debate where marketing lagniappe fits into the overall marketing mix

– Roadtrip to ‘Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ to discuss peanuts, free toppings and bonus fries

– Purple Goldfish Jingle

The PURPLE GOLDFISH PROJECT – Click here to see 240+ examples of marketing lagniappe.  Over 100 brands have been submitted to the list. Need some thought starters?

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