Jet Blue understands that the little things add up on the whole

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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A very nice school of purple goldfish

#579 in the Project flies in courtesy of Jet Blue

half cup of sodaJet Blue builds value into their flight offerings.  They know the little things can make the biggest impact.  They understand it takes more than the proverbial half a can of soda.

Here is a handful of humorous videos showing how they differentiate themselves from the competition:

Let’s look at each differentiator:

  • Full can of soda and unlimited brand name snacks. What’s with the cup of ice with some soda in it by other airlines?  You wouldn’t put up with that treatment on the ground.  Good point.
  • First bag free. Southwest has done an amazing job of promoting that ‘Bags Fly Free’, but JetBlue is singing from the same prayer sheet.  Saving customers either $25 or $50 per round trip is an added value.
  • 36 channels that allow you to watch . . . when you want to watch.  JetBlue gives you the two things that traditional air travel takes away: CHOICE and CONTROL.
  • The most legroom in coach.  Being 6′2″ I can tell you this is key.  Nothing more annoying than the person in front of you reclining into your kneecaps.
  • Direct flights. Avoiding layovers is key.  It saves time, hassle and annoyance.

Nice job JetBlue.  Why fly? . . . when you can Jet.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little extra for good measure) – A little levity on flying from the late George Carlin:

How do you stand out in the sea of sameness? How do you win repeat customers and influence word of mouth? What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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