Marketing with Meaning . . . Are you giving that little extra value?

by Stan Phelps

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Is your marketing adding value to the lives of your consumers?

I’ve recently returned from Cannes Lions Festival where I participated in the Burning Question seminar. The Burning Question was sponsored by Bridge Worldwide, a leading digital and relationship agency based in Cincinnati.

Next Evolution of Marketing

Leading the seminar with Jim Stengel was Bob Gilbreath, the Chief Marketing Strategist at Bridge.

Bob has pioneered a concept called ‘Marketing with Meaning’ which was featured in the 2009 release of the book, ‘The Next Evolution of Marketing’. His book has a treasure trove of examples for the Purple Goldfish Project:

#484. Baskin-Robbins turns hump day (Wednesday) to bump day by offering pregnant women a free cup or cone.

#485. Philadelphia Cream Cheese surprises and delight Jet Blue flyers with ‘Breakfast in Heaven’. The brand offered free bagels and cream cheese on morning flights with 500,000 passengers.

#486. UPS offers customers a desktop widget the helps track packages conveniently and quickly, a nice added value.

#487. Sam Adams created a special edition of glasses to help enhance the craft beer experience. They cost $30 for the set, but the engagement is priceless.

#488. Mount Gay gives away signature red hats as part of its involvement in sailing races. They’ve become prized possessions within the sailing community.

#489. Palomino (a restaurant chain) asks customers for one piece of information in addition to e-mail. It’s their birthday. Then they send an e-mail two week before your birthday with an invite and a $20 discount voucher.

#490. Avis introduced a bunch of little extras in Newark to improve customer experience. Video monitors that gave flight update, business centers that allowed for calls and recharging of laptops were part of the solution. it was so successful it became known as the Newark model.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – I had a chance to sit down with Bob and interview him for MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group).  Bob talks about ‘Marketing with Meaning’ in this 5 question segment:

Where is the lagniappe in your marketing? What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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