Maroni Cuisine pours out a saucy lagniappe

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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A fixed tasting menu, legendary meatballs, free wine and a jar of sauce makes Maroni Cuisine a Long Island Legend

Maroni Cuisine of Northport pours in at #223 in the Purple Goldfish Project courtesy of Clark Johnson of :

maroni cuisine of northport

“Maroni Cuisine in Northport NY is consistently rated by Zagat voters as either the best or among the best restaurants on Long Island. Mike Maroni beat Bobby Flay in a throwdown! The meals are exclusively customized tasting menus, prix fixe, with all the wine you can drink included.  At the end of the meal, hours later, guests are generally presented with jars of Maroni Pasta sauce as a Thank You. Once you have used it, you want to go back for more (both the meal and the sauce!).”

Today’s Lagniappe – WARNING!!! Don’t watch this video on an empty stomach.

FISHERMEN WANTED: The PURPLE GOLDFISH PROJECT – Click here to see all 223 examples of marketing lagniappe.  Over 100 brands have been submitted to the list. Which ones have made the cut???

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