Purple Goldfish Video Podcast Episode 23 – Category Spotlight: Restaurants

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itunes marketing lagniappe video podcastEpisode #23 – Category Spotlight: Restaurants

Jack and I continue to look at different industries.  Today we look at a ‘no brainer’ in the world of marketing lagniappe.   How do restaurants differentiate themselves to ’stand out in the sea of sameness’?

Here is a rundown of the examples we discuss:

– Sushi: One brown trout and one purple goldfish all due to pricing.

– Milwaukee’s Best: AJ Bombers dropping the p-nut bombs and Pizza Shuttle makes a  purple goldfish out of a purple cow

– Westchester County Fav’s: BLT Steakhouse cheddar popover and The Bayou spices things up.

– Free Puddin’ and Pizza: The Mermaid Inn and The Alligator Lounge chime in from New York City.

Bistro Montage: A new twist on leftovers.  Call it a purple goldfishy bag.

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Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) –  We talked about AJ Bombers in the Podcast.  Here is an interview with co-owner Joe Sorge.  Some strong insights from Joe:

Where is the lagniappe in your marketing? What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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