Purple Goldfish Video Podcast Episode #39 – Introducing Green and Golden Goldfish

by Stan Phelps

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Episode #39 – Purple, Green and Gold

Jack and I sit down to discuss:

  • two additional types of goldfish: green for employees and gold for your best customers and employees
  • talk about where the three colors come from
  • offer a recent example from The Taco Truck
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    Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Here’s the infographic for the three goldfish:

    purple golden and green goldfish

    Lagniappe defined: A marketing lagniappe,  i.e. purple goldfish, is any time a business goes above and beyond to provide a ‘little something extra’.  It’s that unexpected surprise that’s thrown in for good measure.

    How do you stand out in the sea of sameness? How do you win repeat customers and influence word of mouth? What’s Your Purple Goldfish?

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