QR codes utilized by Taranta as a marketing lagniappe

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

Technology + Squid Ink = Purple Goldfish

#808 in the Project was submitted via e-mail by Andrew Sweet.  Andrew and I caught up at an advisory board meeting at Marist College.  He mentioned an interesting use of QR Codes from Taranta and Chef Jose Duarte.

taranta qr codes

Andrew talked about a segment he watched on Channel 5 in Boston (click here to watch) that highlighted the Peruvian inspired Italian restaurant in the North End.  Taranta uses squid ink to place QR codes on plates using fresh locally sourced seafood. Diners can scan the code to visit ‘Trace and Trust’.  It allows you to track where and when the fish was caught.

Marketing Lagniappe Takeaway: Talk about a signature extra. This one is signed in squid ink. Use a hot button technology to highlight the fact you source your seafood from local fishermen.  Add in the fact that Taranta is one of the greenest restaurants in America.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra for good measure) – Here is Chef Duarte at the 2011 New England Food Show showcasing the technology and local fisherman Steve Arnold @kintrawler:

Lagniappe defined: A marketing lagniappe, i.e. purple goldfish,  is any time a business goes above and beyond to provide a ‘little something extra’. It’s that unexpected surprise that’s thrown in for good measure.

How do you stand out in the sea of sameness? How do you win repeat customers and influence word of mouth? Are you Giving Little Unexpected Extras?

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