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by Stan Phelps

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Free Water Ice on Opening Day and Chocolate Covered Peeps over Easter

#384 in the Purple Goldfish Project submitted by Keith Green of Synergy Events

rita's water ice

Rita’s Water Ice runs a great promotion every spring that is a great example of Lagniappe. On the first day of spring, everyone receives a free Water Ice of their choice. There’s no catch and no purchase necessary, you simply walk in and order what you want.

The reason this is such a smart promotion is that Rita’s stores are seasonal (at least in New Jersey). What better way to remind people that the store is open again for the season than by handing out free product on the first day of spring? Fortunately for Rita’s, the first day of spring this year was not only on a Saturday, but it was an epic weather day… sunny, low 70’s, just perfect. I took my three year old on the first day of spring this year, which also fortunately for Rita’s fell on a Saturday. It was CHAOS at the store.

A couple of weeks later on the day before Easter, Rita’s ran another great promotion: they partnered with Just Born, the marshmellow candy company, to give free chocolate covered marshmellow bunnies (PEEPS) with every purchase. Again, my three year old was loving life at Rita’s that day. Kudos to Rita’s for brilliant marketing and cross-promoting!”

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – A video from Rita’s and the First Day of Spring

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1 Jack Campisi May 17, 2010 at 7:32 am

Great Purple Goldfish and another reason to go to Rita’s. (Like I needed one. Yum.)

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