Sometimes a purple goldfish can spawn a new business

by Stan Phelps

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Ola! Granola developed out of a marketing lagniappe

Ken and Dina Houser are principals of DK Design Partners. The husband and wife team have run their design agency for over a decade. After many years of the usual client gift fare, they decided to do something special for DK’s customers

Dina’s mother had made granola for years and Dina followed in her footsteps. The light bulb went off and they decided to pack up jars of the granola as gifts. Developing a unique added value for customers gets them nominated as #291 in the Purple Goldfish Project.

Dina’s secret oat concoction garnered rave reviews and has since spawned a new business.  Over the last two years they’ve developed a business selling Ola! Granola.  They are off to a fantastic start.  You won’t get shortchanged on nuts and fruit, plus they only use maple syrup as a natural sweetener.  Look for their granola in a store near you.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Here is a video of Dina on TV showcasing all the wonderful ways you can use Ola! Granola.

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