The Lure of the Little Blue Box and a Lifelong Lagniappe

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Free Cleaning for Life

One of the nice extras that Tiffany provides (in addition to the little blue box) involves free lifetime cleaning of your rings.  This comes in at #232 in the Purple Goldfish Project.

From the site:

“Tiffany offers complimentary cleaning to keep your ring as beautiful as it was the day you received it.  An expert will check your stone’s setting and give your ring a thorough cleaning”

My wife and I will stop by once or twice a year and drop off our rings. Come back in an hour or two and they’ve given you a complimentary steam, buff and polish. A nice touch and a very purple goldfish.

The PURPLE GOLDFISH PROJECT – Click here to see 282 examples of marketing lagniappe.  Over 150 brands have been submitted to the list. Need some thought starters?

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