The Purple Goldfish Project is becoming a movement

by Stan Phelps

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Here is an unbelievable video of a movement in 3 minutes:

Derek Sivers does a nice job of dissecting these 3 minutes.  Click here for his perspective.

The main takeaway: “It’s not about the leader in the movement, it’s about the actions of those who join in and contribute initially. They are the absolute key influencers.”

Alpha plus One

I was talking with Kelly Ketelboeter (@ketelboeterpr) about 10 days ago about the Purple Goldfish. She shares the passion for building lagniappe into the customer experience. Earlier this week Kelly wrote a tremendous post entitled, ‘What’s Your Purple Goldfish?’ One of things Kelly explored was the idea of determining normal expectations and the need to recognize those instances whereby the company exceeded them by going ‘above and beyond’.

The post generated some fantastic comments and examples by Tanveer Naseer, Tim Porthouse, Kristina Evey, Jake Hillman, Marty Desmond, Barry Dalton and Anne Perschel. I’ve also received some nice encouragement / examples this week from Lisa Petrilli, Ted Coine, Keith Green, Ted Simon, Jen Kuhn, Rob Peterson, Jody Padar, Mike Henry, Brian Vellmure, Heather Otto, Gywn Teatro, Dave Carroll, Jack Monson, Deb Olson, Mindy Luebke, Kami Huyse, Bryan Person, Paul Chaney and Kevin Grout.  Many of which were sparked by Kelly’s post.

A Movement Begins

I recently told Kelly that I no longer feel like the Shirtless Guy dancing by myself.  She has joined Jack and I on the hill. Subsequently this week there have a been a couple of other posts on the Purple Goldfish.  Jed Langdon (@jedlangdon) has written a brilliant post entitled, ‘Generosity in Business’. Jed touches on the importance of giving as a driver for that ‘little unexpected extra’. Winston Faircloth (@wfaircloth) wrote “Have You Seen a Purple Goldfish”.  Winston talks about the concept, his experience with ‘Five Guys’ and put in a nice plug for the video podcast (I’ll share that with my podcast wingman Jack Campisi).

We’ve hit the 350 mark in the Project and I feel 400 is right around the corner.  Still striving to get to 1,001 which is lofty goal or as I learned yesterday from Kelly ‘a BHAG’ (Big Hairy Ambitious Goal).  We can do it together.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra)


I wanted to say ‘thanks’ to Albert Maruggi.  I approached Albert early in the year when I was just developing the concept of the ‘Purple Goldfish’.  He was kind enough to have me on his ‘Marketing Edge’ podcast.  Winston Faircloth learned about the Project by listening to the podcast.  Albert’s generosity continues to pay itself forward.

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