This purple goldfish is in the bag

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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An extra with magnetic qualities

#726 in the Project was taken from a tweet by Karen @itchbay:

purple goldfish bag

“Oh, and sewing machine was found. I sewed up this cute little fabric bag as lagniappe for one of my magnet orders:”

The pretty little lagniappe fabric bag I made for one of my magnet orders. I just love this fabric. I’ve had it forever, but never found the right use for it. Until today.

Marketing Lagniappe Takeaway: Personalize your little extra and make it signature.

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra for good measure) – How about a canvas bag:

Lagniappe defined: A marketing lagniappe, i.e. purple goldfish,  is any time a business goes above and beyond to provide a ‘little something extra’. It’s that unexpected surprise that’s thrown in for good measure.

How do you stand out in the sea of sameness? How do you win repeat customers and influence word of mouth?  Are you Giving Little UnexpectedExtras?

What’s Your GLUE?

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