Two for Tuesday: Starbucks Doubleshot of Perks

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

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Starbucks gives a little extra on Tuesday’s and by the pound

The folks from Seattle provide a couple of examples of marketing lagniappe (a little something extra for good measure).

John Miller shares #9 in the Purple Goldfish Project.   The free cup of brewed coffee with a pound of beans at Starbucks.

“Not only is it a $2 perceived value, it is instant gratification and appreciation of the brand/ product.”

Peg Connor makes some music with #40 in the Project.

“Starbucks, in partnership with iTunes, gives away a free “pick of the week” song every tuesday…you load the code into your iphone and, bingo, you’ve just expanded your musical palate at no charge. I take pains to patronize local businesses, but this perk (pun intended) compels me to stop by Starbucks once a week.”

Todays’s Lagniappe (little something extra) – Check out this funny spot for Starbucks at home:

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