Umpqua Bank pioneers handshake marketing

by Stan Phelps

in purple goldfish project

Umpquitize is the action of making the ordinary extraordinary

I just read about Umpqua in Joe Jaffe’s (@jaffejuice) new book ‘Flip the Funnel’.  Some companies truly get the importance of differentiation through customer experience .  Umpqua understands ‘branded acts of kindness‘ and takes the concept ‘to the bank’.

umpqua bank marketing

The West Coast bank chain based in Portland, OR has tellers place customers’ cash on black wooden trays along with a silver chocolate coin embellished with the bank’s logo.

Add in free wifi and their own brand of free gourmet coffee. Put it all together and you’ve got some sweet free perks that land them #295 in the Purple Goldfish Project.

Here is a great interview from Umpqua’s Eric Lucero (@erlucero).  If you don’t have the full 8+ minutes . . . fast forward to 6:15 in for the genesis of handshake marketing.  Pure genius:

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