What is marketing lagniappe?

by Stan Phelps

in what is lagniappe?

Giving that little unexpected extra for good measure

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There is a great word that originated in Louisiana called ‘lagniappe’ (pronounced lan-yap).  The creole word literally translated means ‘the gift.”  It refers to a small unexpected extra gift or benefit presented by a store owner to a customer at the time of purchase.

The people of Louisiana have embraced the term and have broadened the definition to include any time a little something extra is given.  [Click here to read Mark Twain’s account of his first introduction to lagniappe from Life on the Mississippi]

How do you integrate the concept of ‘lagniappe’ into your product, service or life?

Here are the five main ingredients or r.u.l.e.s:

  1. Relevant – the additional extra should be of value to your customer.  Make sure that it is a true benefit.  It shouldn’t be a one size fits all proposition.
  2. Unexpected – the extra benefit or gift should be a surprise.  It is something thrown in for good measure.  Think ’surprise and delight’ or ‘branded act of kindness’.
  3. Limited – if it’s a small token or gift, try to select something that’s rare, hard to find or unique to your business.
  4. Expression – many times it comes down to the gesture.  It becomes more about ‘how’ it is given, as opposed to ‘what’ is given. The small gift or extra communicates that you care about your client and you appreciate their patronage.
  5. Sticky – is your extra watercooler material.  Is it memorable enough that your customer will want to share their experience with a friend or three hundred?

In today’s difficult business landscape the ability to provide ‘added value’ will set you apart from your competitors, i.e. purple goldfish.  Are you always striving to deliver above and beyond?  What is that ‘little something extra’?  Where is the lagniappe in your marketing?

HELP / REWARD – I’m looking for 1,001 examples of marketing lagniappe.  Click here for the Purple Goldfish Project and share your example for a good cause.

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