Why a Purple Goldfish? (Part One)

by Stan Phelps

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What the hell is a purple goldfish?

Let’s break down a purple goldfish in two parts.  This post will focus on the first part:  the goldfish

goldfish growth five factorsThe growth of a goldfish (your product / business / career) is affected by 5 factors:

growth of a goldfish size1. Size of the Environment (The Market)

GROWTH FACTOR: The size of the water the goldfish is in.

RULE OF THUMB: Direct correlation.  The larger the bowl or pond, the larger they can grow.

growth of a goldfish competition2.  Number of Goldfish (Competition)

GROWTH FACTOR: The number of goldfish in the bowl or pond.

RULE OF THUMB: Inverse. The more goldfish, the less growth.

growth of a goldfish water3.  The Quality of the Water in the Environment (i.e. The Economy)

GROWTH FACTOR: The clarity and amount of nutrients in the water.

RULE OF THUMB: Direct correlation.  The better the quality, the larger they can grow.

FACT: A malnourished goldfish in a crowded, cloudy environment may only grow to 2 inches / 5 centimeters.

growth of a goldfish 120 days4.  How they’re Treated in the First 120  days (i.e. Start-up Phase / Launch)

GROWTH FACTOR: The nourishment and treatment they receive as a fry (baby goldfish).

RULE OF THUMB: The lower the quality of the food / water, the more the goldfish will be stunted for future growth.

FACT: The difference between the largest and smallest goldfish is by over a factor of 10.  The difference between an average and the largest is by a factor of 5.

growth of a goldfish differentiation5. Genetic Make-up (i.e. Differentiation)

GROWTH FACTOR: The genetic make-up of the goldfish.

RULE OF THUMB: The poorer the genes or the less differentiated, the less they can grow.

FACT: The current Guiness Book of World Records holder for the largest goldfish hails from the Netherlands at a lengthy 18 inches / 50 cm.  To put it in perspective that’s about the size of the average domesticated cat.

The One Element You Can Control

Out of the five characteristics for growth – there is only one that you can control 100% (assuming you already chosen your market and launched your product or business).  That characteristic is differentiation.   How do you stand out in a ‘sea of sameness’?  What makes you remarkable in how you conduct your business and serve your customers?

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