Zappos steps into the Purple Goldfish Project for the umpteenth time

by Stan Phelps

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A little extra courtesy of making a recommendation that’s good for your customer and against competitive instinct

#397 in the Purple Goldfish Project courtesy of Joe Gascoigne, Co-Founder of OnePage


“As for an example, one that springs to mind is that if you try to order shoes from Zappos and they do not have the shoes you want in stock, they will actually recommend a nearby store that does. It seems counter-intuitive, but I think it really builds trust and it obviously works well for them.”

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra) – Check out this segment from Nightline on Zappos. Recommending competitors is mentioned at 7:39 in the video:

NEWSFLASH . . . . We’ve hit milestone #400 in the Purple Goldfish Project

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